"I was the definition of insanity…doing the same thing again and again but expecting different results.  I loved animals and customer service, but I had no real business experience.  I had certain strengths but I also had a lot of weakness.   I had run a pretty successful business for several years, but at the end of the day didn’t really have much to show for it.  I was one catastrophic event away from losing it all.  I had clients and staff depending on me and my company’s success.  I finally got to a place where I was open and ready to do something different.  That is when I started working with Erin Fenstermaker.

Pretty quickly after I started working with Erin I knew she was different.  I had worked with a few other coaches/consultants in the past…it never worked out.  They would hand me a list of “to do’s” and then expect results, but I did not work well that way.  She was different.  She knew how to reach me and pull out my strengths and then help me with my weaknesses.   She has made such a difference in my business and personal life with her approach and techniques…I could go on and on.

She is personable, approachable, consistent and she is constantly motivating me…..she is on my side.  She is not motivated just by money; she is motivated by making a difference, and your success means her success.  You cannot pass up the opportunity to work with someone like her.  She is unlike anyone else I have worked with in the past and has had a profound effect on me and my business." 

Joette White, Park Cities Pet Sitter, Winner of the National Association of Professional Pet Sitter's 2017 Business of the Year

"As a solo entrepreneur in the pet industry, I found a powerful ally and business advocate in Erin Fenstermaker. She has guided me on a strategic path that has led to solid business partnerships and speaking opportunities.  Thanks to Erin, I continue to unleash my creativity with a focused purpose.  She is, simply, the best at bringing out your best. I highly recommend Erin." 

Arden Moore, The Pet Health and Safety Coach, Founder of Pet First Aid 4 U and host of the 'Oh Behave!' show on Pet Life Radio

"Erin worked with me at my last pet company, Avian Adventures, and I have rarely experienced such an intelligent, hard-working, and committed employee in my 20+ years of owning businesses.  Because of my experience with her at Avian Adventures, she is now part of my team at BirdsEye Consulting and I thoroughly enjoy working with her on a variety of pet-related projects.  Her attitude, enthusiasm, and wisdom are unparalleled.”     

Carol Frank, Birdseye Consulting

"Where Erin has really impacted me and my business the most is in her sense of urgency about things.  When I give her a task or project, it is always done on time and is thorough.  I like giving her complex projects because she thrives on figuring things out and is tenacious in getting others to follow-through on things that impact my business (even when some of those same people are not being very helpful!).  Erin also looks at every business situation--good or bad--as a potential sales or marketing opportunity.  Even when working on operational activities, she thinks about how these activities can or should lead to sales if done in a certain manner.  I also really appreciate Erin's desire for everything to be done as efficiently as possible; she treats my business like it is her own business and is very mindful about every dollar spent.  Every small business needs someone like Erin--a strong and loyal leader looking out for the company's best interests at all times and passionate about seeing the business succeed."

Elizabeth Showers, Elizabeth Showers LLC

"Erin was a life saver for my partner and me.  We struggled for months to find and agree on a message that was right for our target audience, owners of pet sitting companies. Once we hired Erin she laid out a vision, gave us direction and walked us through step by step.  She provided constructive feedback, suggestions, next steps and encouragement to keep us going in the right directions.  I’m pretty sure we would still be working on our website if it wasn’t for Erin.  In the end we have a website we are proud of and speaks to our target audience, thank you Erin!"

Jessica Dwyer, Virtual Imprints, LLC and Whiskers at Home, LLC

"I heard Erin speaking in a webinar and was amazed how she was focused on the big picture of business!  I called her and became one of her clients.  I knew my business was growing, but I felt like I was chasing my tail and losing control… Erin tactfully told me what needed to be changed… and there were A LOT of things that needed changed… I had no idea what I was doing wrong or right… it was as if I could not see the forest due to the trees… She was an answer to my prayer for sure!  I currently have 4 employees and am adding new clients regularly..  Very thankful that I have someone who is so talented in this industry… to help me with the many questions that I had no answers to!"

Rose Ramirez, Rose's Peace of Mind Pet Care, LLC

"Erin has been an important part of our team in keeping Floofins & Co. on the track to success. As an entrepreneur, we are pulled in many directions and often away from the tasks that are most important for growth. We need to be reminded to work ON our business not AT our business. Erin does a great job reeling me back in. Our monthly meetings have helped hold me accountable to our overall projects and goals which has directly contributed to our company growth."

Kristin Skelton, Floofins & Co